Dr. Bill Singh

The foremost Expert on Stem Cells

Dr. Bill Singh is committed to bringing stem therapy to the forefront of Regenerative Medicine by making it safe, effective and affordable.

Regenerative Medicine

Stem Cells

Regenerative Medicine, is the ability to heal and or regenerate lost and damaged tissues at staggering speeds.

Dr. Singh is the foremost expert on Stem Cells and worked for Dr. Vanes Nobel Prize winning team. He is currently working with an insurance company to set up an insurance plan starting at the age of 20 and to prvide stem cell therapy by the age of 30+ at no cost to the patient. Anybody interested in the coverage plan please contact Dr. Singh.

Dr. Bill Singh

One of the conditions that stem cell therapy is approved by the FDA is leukemias. However, if the Health care provider considers it an option to treat a patient for any other helath condition, the therapy can be used under special conditions and compliance of specific reegulatory requirements.

Dr. Singh, currently works at the Las Vegas Regenerative Medicine Center, 7470 Dean Martin Drive, #100 Las Vegas, Nevada as the Director with a team of MDs and RNs to provide specialized treatment for patients who need PRP and Stem cells.

Stem cell therapy in regenerative healing procedures have started to take notice as of late. With the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval of stem cell therapy it's a major win for regenerative healing.

The promise of this technology is why the FDA is so committed to encouraging and supporting innovation in this field.

FDA, Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said in a statement.

Dr. Singh and his team provide the following services to help patients heal at cost effective pricing:

  • Joint pain
  • Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
  • Hair rejuvenation

Dr. Bill Singh is associated with A4M and has written several articles for WORLD HEALTH NET about function and significance of Stem Cell Viability.